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Swift Global

Technology for Excellence

Swift Global is an initiative taken by Swift group of companies which has strong hold in multiple business segments ranging from ISP services, IT/IP Infrastructure ,VOIP,Data Center, Call center solutions, Software Development & restructuring services, brand promotion , security surveillance and other host of services covering a major market segment and its requirements in India and abroad.

Further Swift group has decided to explore international market starting from Middle east and specially from KSA /GCC region and for which Swift Global is formed to act as a platform to offer all sort of services provided by its group companies in total.

Swift Global as a part of Swift group would follow the finest version of Vison, Mission and business ethics of the following group companies:

  • Swiftmail communications Limited
  • Swaksh Infratech Private Limited
  • Ceequence Technologies Private Limited
  • Swiftfone VOIP services


To be the foremost name in specialised IT Solution through transformative technologies and innovative solutions.


To implement next generation technologies in every span of life with efficiency in operations, fairness in dealings and openness in practices under an organised business environment.

Founder and Chairman

The Swift Group was established in 1951, under the visionary leadership of our Founder and Chairman Late Shri Bharat Lal Patwari. He was just 18 when he embarked on the journey to make his contributions to the resurgence of newly independent India.

Mr. Bharat Lal Patwari, a person with clear insights, started yarn and garment trading between Delhi, Calcutta and other parts of the country. After developing the business, the firm was made by name and fashion of M/s Indian Overseas Corporation in the year 1953 which included Mr. Bharat Patwari as well as his brothers and other family members. Being a business oriented person he continued to expand businesses beyond borders and was irreplaceable in setting up export businesses in Bangladesh, Far East as well as European Countries.

Under his leadership, the group entered into diverse businesses acquired Sugar manufacturing mills as well as spinning and weaving mills of cotton in Hyderabad.

Apart from IOCEE Exports and other traditional lines of business, SwiftMail and Geological Technologies Limited were initiated and conceptualized by Shri Bharat Lal Patwari. A visionary ahead of his times, he has always had the penchant for newer things and has been a vivid users and adaptor to change in technology.

Over the years he directed and supported us to setup other multiple businesses in varying industries and it is under his guidance that the group has grown to its present heights and continues to grow each day. He has taught us a lot and we have to carry on from where he has left. We are blessed that he had been a part of our lives and has given us direction and set us an example which we would strive to live up to. He will continue to be an inspiration to all of us!



An engineering graduate from Bangalore University, Ravi has completed his schooling at Chennai. After his education he had worked for a few years in the fabric and garment manufacturing industry and later ventured into IT Services. In 1990’s he was also instrumental in applying his engineering knowledge in the oil filed industry where he provided consultancy and services to Oil and Natural Gas Commission Limited (A Govt. Company). He has an experience of 25+ years in various industries ranging from fabric and garment manufacturing, oil field safety equipment, telex and faxing industry, software, BPO and BCP etc.

Ravi has been one of the co-founding directors of SwiftMail and is today responsible for overall direction of the group. Leveraging his knowledge in IT, Ravi has served as consultant for several technology companies and has worked extensively with the technology departments in setting up and supporting several mission critical applications. Most recently, Ravi has provided strategic advice and has been a co-founder to a variety of Internet-based start-up companies. Today Swift is one of the oldest ISP”s in India and has customers across various verticals like software company, SME’s, home users and Cable Operators with relationship with all top Basic Services Operators like Airtel, Reliance, Tata and Vodafone.

His passion for new ventures continued when in 2003 he was responsible for launching his BPO and Heathcare services company in India. The BPO today has over 300+ seats and has operations in USA, UK and Australia as well as caters to domestic clients to fully maximize efficiency. He handles the complete Technology of the BPO unit and is a keen investor in new concepts and ideas.


Akshay has completed his schooling at Chennai and holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Chennai’s premier Loyola College. He further holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from LIBA.

Following the footsteps and visions of his father, Late Sri Bharat Lal Patwari, Akshay had joined Swift 18 years ago. Under his father’s visionary guidance he took over larger roles with times and over the past few years he has been instrumental in guiding and shaping the company. He is at present handling the Internet Services and allied services vertical of Swift Group is strategically working on adding volumes to the fast growing internet space in India.With a vision to spread e-happiness through user-friendly and seamless technology solutions for all, he is adding new verticals of software and Government business in Swaksh Infratech as well as internet services space (Swift). Here he is focusing to add end to end ERP software for educational institutions like Schools, colleges, training institute’s as well as a Hospital Management solution for small clinics as well as largest chains of hospitals which would work seamlessly. He is also focusing on solutions which he wishes to offer to all types of clients; right from Government to Corporate to home users.

Further Akshay has made advances to foray into the international market and has appointed a special team to focus on the Middle East market. Here he wishes to offer software and other services where his experience and strength would be instrumental.

Akshay considers people and relationship his strength and his straight forward approach has helped secure long and lasting relationships of multiple stake holders like employees, vendors, client etc. With experience of almost 18 years under his belt he handles both business and financial aspects of Swift.